CLAT Success Tips & Tricks by Gnanankit (AIR 1, 2023): Topper Interview

Preparing for CLAT can be challenging and stressful for many aspirants. However, when you have someone, who has sailed the same boat, sharing useful tricks and preparation strategies, things seem easier and sorted. You get assurance and confidence that you can also crack this critical exam and achieve your dreams. 

In Law Prep Tutorial’s CLAT topper interview series, we often share the success mantras of our top rankers. Our CLAT 2023 toppers interview aims to help law aspirants with their preparation and encourage them.

Today, we have Gnanankit, CLAT 2023 AIR 1 Ranker, sharing his preparation journey with all the aspirants. 

Gnanankit has attended online and offline classes by Law Prep Tutorial to prepare for CLAT and scored well enough to get into NLU Bangalore. Looking at his scores, we can say he spared no effort to chase his dreams and fulfuill them. We are extremely proud to be a part of his brilliant journey. 

Here’s a sneak peek into his CLAT preparation:

Education Background and Choosing Right CLAT Coaching Institute

Q. When did you think about doing law?

Gnanankit- Like every student, I was preparing for JEE until my eighth standard. Then my uncle’s friend, an IAS tutor, suggested to me that there’s an exam called CLAT to get admission to NLUs (National Law Universities) and become a successful supreme court lawyer. Even science students who are bright can get into this field. So, I decided to pursue CLAT.

Q. You were thinking of science and switched to law. So, when did you start preparing for law?

Gnanankit- Actually, I attended a CLAT crash course in my eighth standard, but I didn’t give an exam. At that time, there was a different pattern of CLAT, I was familiar with analytical reasoning questions and all. I was also familiar with the AILET pattern.

Q. When did you seriously start preparing for CLAT?

Gnanankit- In August 2021, when I was in 11th standard, I started my serious preparation for CLAT exam. I enrolled in Law Prep Tutorial’s online CLAT coaching in August 2021 and began my journey.

Q. And then you came offline to the Bangalore centre?

Gnanankit- Yeah, in May 2022, I came to the Bangalore centre.

Subject-Wise CLAT Preparation Strategy by CLAT 2023 Topper

Q. Talking about your strategy, what did you do for your subject-wise strategy?

Gnanankit-  For CLAT GK, the classes were enough. I didn’t do anything but watch the classes and prepare notes. Our teachers at Law Prep Tutorial prepared us for everything, and the way they used to make us revise in classes, it got embedded in our minds. 

For CLAT English, I used to do comprehension very well, but my vocabulary was lacking, which was a major setback. When I used to get some difficult words in the passage, I used to get confused, like the whole meaning would get wrong when I attempted answers. 

Then I started watching Law Prep Tutorial’s vocabulary series on YouTube, and I bought the ‘Word Power Made Easy’ book, but I couldn’t study it completely (laughing). I just studied half or so, but I built up my vocabulary.

For legal reasoning, I joined regular online classes. But one fact is, in mocks, I used to score only 26 to 27 in the legal section. But when I came here for offline in May, I used to score 28 and 29, but that wasn’t enough for a good score in Legal. 

Then the classes by Law Prep Tutorial helped me. My teachers actually sat with me personally, and they told me how to approach the passages. They shared practice sheets for legal, and from the overall practice and guidance from the teachers, I improved in the legal section.

For Quantitative Techniques, I’m good at maths. I focused on percentages and averages and knew the basics of Quant, so I didn’t prepare much for it. I attended classes, where sir taught us that. I didn’t prepare any extra for it dedicatedly. 

For Logical Reasoning, Anupama ma’am was there. She used to take classes online. All the students used to give correct answers during the classes, but my answers used to be wrong. 

So, ma’am asked me why I was lagging. Even I wondered why I got wrong answers. Then I started from the basics. The faculties at Law Prep Tutorial taught me what are assumptions, told me to go through the basics, and solve CLAT previous year’s logical reasoning questions. They then told me to apply the same logic to the passage section and solve questions through lots of practice. 

Anupama ma’am shared some books. I solved them, and with practice upon practice upon practice, I built up on this section. 

Crucial Role of Mock Tests in CLAT Preparation

Q. What was your highest and lowest score in mock tests?

Gnanankit- My highest score was 129, and my lowest was 67. 

Q. Which mock did you score 129 in?

Gnanankit- Last year, I guess it was the 76th mock. It was a day before CLAT exam, so it boosted my confidence when I scored 129.

Q. One of the issues students have with mock is that they are too lengthy. What would you say?

Gnanankit- One thing with Law Prep Tutorial is they prepare you for the worst. In marathon mock, the first mock I attended, the passage was a one-and-a-half pages long. We were told that when you get a long passage, leave it for the last and move on to other questions. 

I used to analyze the paper in the beginning, checking the length of the paper and everything. Even in this year’s CLAT, the legal section was a bit lengthy, but that wasn’t a shock for me. 

In marathon mock, QT was difficult in 2-3 mocks, and I used to attempt 2-3 questions. The same thing got repeated in this year’s CLAT, but I wasn’t surprised. 

So, for any aspirant preparing for CLAT, I would say analyze the test, give your best, and don’t blame the mock test. You need to prepare for the worst-case scenario because you can’t complain after giving CLAT.

CLAT Preparation Tips by Topper in 2023

Q. What will be your tips for students preparing for CLAT 2024?

Gnanankit- The key to cracking CLAT is consistency. You must remain consistent. It’s not like I have 10 days, and I will prepare in these 10 days. No, you need to be consistent in your preparation. 

Also, don’t get dejected by mock tests. They are just to check that you are up to the mark. And that’s not all. We also have to analyze the mocks, and what our mistakes are. We need to improve section by section, day by day, mock by mock.

Then practice everything. Without practice, nothing can help. Practice gives you experience. So, if you don’t understand a passage in one mock and you have studied a similar passage in the previous mock, that would help you. 

Some students think that if they have command over English, they will crack it easily, but that’s not possible. You have to practice consistently. 

Q. Did you miss on preparation at any point where you felt you were not up to the mark? Or were you consistent with your preparation?

Gnanankit- Yeah, sometimes. When I had my exams in school, I used to drop my preparation for CLAT, and I focused on preparing for exams. When I used to give 20-25 days gap in mocks, I, at times, lost seriousness. 

I used to attend only two sections in a day, and think, let me get this section correct. After just a 30-day gap in my preparation, I couldn’t complete a mock test in a single stretch. So, one must make sure to give at least one CLAT mock test every week, and that sort of consistency would help you a lot. 

Q. There are a lot of students who manage CLAT with their 11th and 12th exams. How did you balance that?

Gnanankit- I am a student of Maths and Humanities. So, CLAT helps you prepare for school exams and boards if you have humanities. 

Also, if you are good at RC (Reading Comprehension), history is nothing for you. Even for English, I scored 80 in boards because I prepared a lot in CLAT coaching for subject-verb agreement, figure of speeches, etc., which helped me a lot.

For science students, prioritise your CLAT and divide your study time equally between boards and CLAT preparation. 

Q. Do you have other hobbies?

Gnanankit- I was a volleyball player in my school. 

Q. You are a multitalented student as you are playing, preparing for CLAT, and attending school at the same time. Right?

Gnanankit- I got sufficient time for CLAT as I’m preparing for one and a half years. I was not in a hurry, like I had only three months left. I had enough time in hand. 

Also, one thing about CLAT is there is no fixed syllabus. You have to improve your skills, and that would happen by working on reading and regular practice. So, you must practice daily. Even if you read 2-3 passage daily, it will help you in the long run.

Role of Law Prep Tutorial in Cracking CLAT Exam

Q. How did Law Prep Tutorial help you in your preparation and the entire CLAT journey?

Gnanankit- Law Prep Tutorial was seriously a catalyst in my preparation. 

I used to love CLAT online classes because they were more and more interactive, and teachers would actually take every doubt. Even if it sounded silly or small, they would address and clarify it. 

If I missed a class, they would send a message to my mother, so that brought consistency and made sure I don’t miss a class. 

When I came for offline classes, Sagar Joshi sir was very helpful, even Anupama Ma’am would clear our doubts after mock tests in the legal section. 

All other faculty members were very helpful and great. They have been very helpful, and whenever we used to call any teacher, they responded positively and helped us in every way possible.

Q. At home, what was the environment regarding the possibility of your selection?

Gnanankit- Last year, when I got 95.5, my brother was shocked. He is in NLU Jodhpur. He told me even if you get 80%, that’s not a bad score, but when I got 95.5%, he was shocked. 

Last year prepared me a lot for this year. My mother was expecting me to score a rank under 100. She helped me a lot. 

When I asked for a laptop, she got me one without hesitation, so I didn’t lag in my preparation. My brother helped me a lot. Everyone in my family supported me, as my brother and I are first-generation lawyers in the family. 

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Final Thoughts:

So, we hope that this CLAT topper interview will help and motivate you as you move forward with your preparation. Stay tuned with us for more CLAT preparation tips by toppers, and promise to bring more insightful articles and interviews to you.

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