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One of the crucial sections of any law entrance examination is Legal Reasoning. Legal reasoning questions for CLAT primarily target assessing the legal aptitude of a candidate. It helps to evaluate the legal knowledge of a candidate and their enthusiasm or interest in pursuing a law career. 

Concept of Legal Reasoning Questions

These questions shall assess your legal knowledge, problem-solving skills, legal aptitude, approach to case solving, and proficiency in the subject (the approach). Some people believe that to solve CLAT Legal Reasoning, they need to be a maestro of law, well-versed with complex legal jargon. But, this idea isn’t appropriate. The questions assess your approach to case-solving, which is essential for your career’s progress in the future. Such questions do not intend to test your core concept of the Indian Constitution or the Indian Judiciary. However, you must have some basic idea about Fundamental Rights and Duties and primary Indian Penal Codes to answer the questions. 

The Pattern of Legal Reasoning CLAT Questions

  • A passage describing a situation will be provided to the candidate. It will be a passage where one can expect a legal intervention. 
  • The length of the passages may vary depending upon the need of the case. 
  • At the end of the passage, the candidate shall be provided with specific question and answer options. 
  • The candidates’ task is to interpret the situation and choose the correct answer that they think is appropriate as an approach to solving the case or the situation from the perspective of a lawyer. 

Sample Legal Reasoning Questions for CLAT 2022

Sample 1:

Factual Situation: A hospital authority asked the patient to make a payment of 2 lakh Indian Rupees to treat his stomach, for which he got admitted to the hospital. The patient paid 1 lakh Indian rupees and promised to pay the remaining amount after the treatment. The doctor treated the patient, and the patient recovered from the illness. At the time of discharge, when the hospital authorities claimed the remaining amount, the patient refused to pay the amount. 

Question: Which one out of these do you think is the correct outcome of the situation from a legal perspective :

  1. The contract shall not be enforced if the patient does not agree to it.
  2. The contract shall be enforced against the will of the doctor.
  3. The contract is enforceable by the doctor (hospital authority) against the patient.
  4. The contract will stand null and void.

Principle to be used: In the case of such contracts, usually, one of the two parties dominates and takes the upper hand in framing the decision. However, during such a case, the contract shall be enforced only at the option of the dominant party (who was able to dominantly influence the decision of the other party).

Sample 2

Factual Situation: A state faces a severe shortage of the supply of wax. As a result, it has banned the production and sale of all types of wax candles and other wax accessories used for fancy illuminations for almost one year. However, in the light of the upcoming Diwali festival, a particular Hindu Religious Group filed a written petition to the court complaining that this ban on wax violates their religious rights.

Which out of the following do you think is the most appropriate answer?

  1. Yes. The law violates their rights as most Indians light wax candles on Diwali as a part of their religious practice.
  2. The law is not violative because not only candles but all wax commodities have been banned.
  3. The law is not violative because it is a reasonable restriction.
  4. None of the above.

Principle to be Used: Community Conscience. In this case, the interest of the community has to be prioritized. At the same time, the liability and obligation of the Judiciary towards the State should also be considered. 

Why Do You Need a Guide?

To crack CLAT is not a piece of cake. One must have dedication and a continuous and comprehensive strategy for the preparation. A reputed CLAT coaching class can help understand concepts better and have a precise approach to cracking CLAT legal reasoning questions. The faculties also help devise customized study plans that shall work the best for you. Most importantly, the CLAT coaching classes are equipped with efficient Mock Test Series that will help boost your preparation by simulating a real-time scenario. Mock tests will aid you in identifying your strengths and weakness and learning critical practical strategies for time management. So, make the right decisions, and march forward towards CLAT 2022. 

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