How to Prepare for SLAT Exam 2024? Full Strategy

This is your comprehensive guide on preparing for the SLAT (Symbiosis Law Admission Test), a crucial stepping stone for aspiring law students. This exam opens doors to prestigious law programs, but its competitive nature demands strategic and thorough preparation. 

Here, we’ll go through the complete SLAT preparation strategies, offering insights and tips to help you effectively prepare. Let’s get started!

SLAT Exam 2024: Overview

The SLAT (Symbiosis Law Admission Test) is a critical entrance exam for students aspiring to pursue undergraduate law programs at Symbiosis Law Schools, which are among India’s premier legal education institutions. This test is designed to assess a candidate’s aptitude for law studies, focusing on areas crucial for a successful legal career.

A basic overview of the SLAT law entrance exam is given below:

Exam NameSLAT
Conducting BodySymbiosis International (Deemed University)
Official Website
Exam ModeOnline
Type of QuestionsMultiple-choice questions
Total Duration60 minutes
Total Number of Questions60
Total Marks60
Marking Scheme+1 for each correct answerNo negative marking for wrong answer

SLAT Exam Pattern 2024

SLAT question paper comprises five sections, as mentioned in the following table. There are 60 questions in total, carrying 60 marks. There are no negative markings. 

SubjectNumber of Questions
Logical Reasoning12
Legal Reasoning12
Analytical Reasoning12
Reading Comprehension12
General Knowledge12

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SLAT Exam Syllabus 2024

Reading Comprehension– Reading Comprehension
– Word Usage
– Vocabulary
– Grammar
– Inference-based questions
– Synonyms
– Antonyms
– Foreign Words/Phrases
– Para Jumbles
General Knowledge– International events
– UN bodies
– Significant developments in the areas of Sports, Geopolitics, and critical Environmental Agreements
– Current affairs
– Eminent personalities
– Sports
– Awards and Honours
Legal Reasoning– Legal terms
– Indian Constitution, its structure, sections, and schedules
– Contracts and Constitutional LawTorts
– Vicarious Liability
– Contracts and Constitutional Law
– IPC and the CrPC
– Strict Liability
– Law of Crimes
– International Law
– Intellectual Property Rights
– Legal Awareness covering Constitutional Law and Polity
Analytical Reasoning– Mental Ability and Logical/Mathematical Analysis
– Deductive Reasoning
– Algebra
– Percentage
– Profit and Loss
– Odd-Even Discretion
– Logical Fallacy
– Analogy
– Syllogism
– Agreement and Disagreement
Logical Reasoning– Blood Relations
– Series
– Directions
– Critical Reasoning Syllogism
– Analogy

Why Prepare for SLAT 2024?

There are various reasons and benefits of SLAT preparation, including:

  • Access to Prestigious Law Schools: SLAT is the door to Symbiosis Law Schools, which are among India’s top law institutions. These schools offer high-quality education, experienced faculty, and modern infrastructure, all of which are crucial for a solid foundation in legal studies.
  • Great Career Opportunities: Graduates from Symbiosis Law Schools are highly regarded in the legal profession. A degree from these institutions opens up a multitude of career paths in various sectors, such as corporate law, litigation, legal consultancy, judicial services, and more.
  • Comprehensive Legal Education: Symbiosis Law Schools emphasize a holistic approach to legal education, combining theoretical knowledge with practical exposure. This includes internships, moot court sessions, seminars, and workshops, preparing students for the real-world challenges of the legal field.
  • Development of Critical Skills: The SLAT exam, by its nature, helps in honing critical skills such as analytical thinking, logical reasoning, and effective communication. These skills are not only essential for the exam but are also invaluable in the practice of law.
  • Networking and Exposure: Being part of a prestigious law school provides opportunities to connect with a network of alumni, legal professionals, and academics. This network can be invaluable for mentorship, career opportunities, and professional growth.
  • Personal Growth: Preparing for and succeeding in a competitive exam like the SLAT fosters discipline, dedication, and resilience. These qualities are beneficial not just in academic and professional pursuits but in personal life as well.
  • Diverse Legal Environment: Students in Symbiosis Law Schools are exposed to a diverse range of legal systems and practices, which is crucial in today’s globalized world. This exposure prepares students to work in various legal environments, both nationally and internationally.

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How to Prepare for SLAT Exam 2024?

Candidates who are going to appear in SLAT 2024 should follow the tips mentioned below to score well:

1. Understand the Exam Format and Syllabus

Familiarize yourself with the structure of the SLAT, including the types of questions, sections (Logical Reasoning, Legal Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and General Knowledge), and marking scheme. Knowing the syllabus in detail helps in focusing your SLAT preparation on relevant topics.

2. Make a Study Schedule

Aspirants should make a study routine for SLAT preparation that covers all the subjects mentioned in the SLAT syllabus. Moreover, they should also give ample time to SLAT mock tests, which is integral to solid preparation.

3. Refer to Quality Study Materials

Collect recommended textbooks, study guides, and online resources specific to SLAT. Quality materials provide accurate information and practice questions that mirror the exam pattern.

4. Make Short Notes for Revision

Candidates should make short notes while studying important SLAT topics, which will help them complete the syllabus comprehensively. The quick notes also help in revising the essential topics quickly. Therefore, the candidates should have short notes on almost all SLAT important topics.

5. Read Newspapers Daily

Candidates preparing for SLAT are advised to read English newspapers, articles, legal reports, and journal articles. Reading newspapers will help the SLAT aspirants prepare for English, current affairs, and legal reasoning. 

The SLAT comprises comprehension-based passages, requiring the candidates to read complex passages. Therefore, the candidates should develop these skills by reading the newspapers.

6. Prepare for Writing Ability Test (WAT) Round

Candidates should give adequate time to the SLAT WAT, conducted as a separate paper. The Writing Ability Test examines the candidate’s knowledge of assigned topics and ability to write in a structured manner. Therefore, the candidates should focus on the WAT round while preparing for the other sections.

7. Practice SLAT Mock Tests

Candidates are advised to practice SLAT mock tests based on the latest exam pattern. Solving the mocks and SLAT sample papers helps them know about the test level and type of questions asked in the examination and also lets them know about their strengths and weaknesses. They should solve the SLAT sample papers in an exam-type atmosphere and try to complete the test within the actual test duration. It will make them exam-ready.

8. Develop a Structured Study Plan 

Create a study schedule, allocating specific time for each section of the exam. Your plan should include regular study hours, revision periods, and practice tests. Consistency is key in executing this plan.

9. Strengthen Your Reading and Comprehension Skills

Since sections like Reading Comprehension and General Knowledge require good reading skills, practice reading diverse materials like newspapers, journals, and legal texts. This improves speed and comprehension.

10. Practice Logical and Analytical Reasoning

Engage in exercises and puzzles that enhance your logical and analytical skills. Regular practice with various types of reasoning questions is essential.

11. Stay Updated with Current Affairs

For the General Knowledge section, keep abreast of current events, especially those related to legal issues and national and international affairs. Reading newspapers, magazines, and following reliable news sources online can help.

12. Review and Revise Regularly

Regular revision is crucial. It helps in retaining information and understanding the topics deeply. Make concise notes for quick revisions.

13. Work on Time Management

Learn to manage your time effectively during the exam. Practice answering questions within set time limits to improve your speed and accuracy.

14. Stay Healthy and Manage Stress

Maintain a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, adequate sleep, and regular exercise. Keep stress in check through relaxation techniques like meditation or hobbies.

15. Seek Guidance and Support 

Join the best SLAT coaching classes to prepare effectively and in a strategic manner. Interacting with peers and mentors provides additional guidance, solid preparation, and moral support.

16. Stay Motivated and Positive 

Keep your goal in sight and stay motivated. Remember that perseverance and a positive attitude are as important as your study efforts.


With SLAT being a critical stepping stone towards a promising law career, strategic preparation encompassing a detailed understanding of the exam pattern, meticulous subject-wise preparation, and relentless practice pave the way toward success. Start early, stay consistent, and harness this guide to navigate through your SLAT preparation.

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