Some Revision Tips for CLAT 2022

If you’re preparing for CLAT and other law entrance exams, your preparation and revision strategy should be very strong to beat the tough competition. You’ll have to start preparing as early as possible and then move on to the revision process. Revision is very important from the examination point of view as it can help you score the marks you want to secure the limited seats. 

Sources to Revise

The sources of revision should be concise, clear, and correct. You should revise Current Affairs and General Knowledge daily and also practice questions from other subjects. Many students receive small booklets from coaching centers, and for others, they can use Norman Lewis for Vocabulary, Lucent for basic static GK, monthly compilations for Current Affairs, etc. Please make sure you use just one source for revision and do not switch over multiple sources as it can cause great confusion. 

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About the CLAT

CLAT consists of five sections, i.e. General Knowledge, Legal Reasoning, Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning, Comprehensive English & Quantitative Ability. Sections like legal aptitude and GK will be relatively new for most of you as many students are not in the habit of reading newspapers in schools. So to develop this habit, one needs to start reading books, novels, magazines every day. It will take time to get into this habit, but you’ll sooner develop it, so start early. Mastering any areas like legal or logical reasoning also demands a lot of time and an early start. 

Approach for Revision

  • We suggest revising your materials at least twice. 
  • While revising for the first time, underline the important points that you find hard to recall. 
  • Whenever you’re making notes, try to make them neat and clean so it is easier to revise them the next time. 
  • Make a proper schedule for revision and adhere to it.
  • Learn to manage your time effectively and efficiently. 

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Timeline For Revision

  • The first time you revise, make it in-depth and comprehensive. It should take at least a month to revise properly. 
  • The second time you revise, it should last up to 15 days. It should be a quick and crisp revision where you revise all the important formulas and tricks to solve the questions faster.
  • The revision should end at least before a week, so you can relax and not stress over the exam. 

Crash Courses

Coaching centers offer online/offline CLAT crash course before a few weeks of the exam date. 

Crash courses can help the candidates to revise the entire course more accurately and effectively. 

You can join any of the crash courses as per your requirement.

Try to join the courses when you’re aware about the syllabus and exam pattern, so you’re not new to the 

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To summarise,

  • An early start to revision will give you the flexibility of CLAT syllabus completion before the required time.
  • Time to take a rest and freshen up your mind for a few days before the exam. 
  • Taking a lot of CLAT mock tests and previous years’ papers to have a good idea about the exam pattern.
  • More practice will open scope for improvement and increase your potential areas. 
  • Talk to the same group of people to be updated with the latest news related to the exam. Also, it will help to maintain healthy competition amongst you and your peers.

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